We’re Asian’s Gay & Proud

1. Reflection Questions

What questions does watching this video make you think about? What opinions and perspectives are shared that you haven’t considered before? 

How can historical documents, magazines, and other forms of media help to empower people and communities that are often in the shadows?


2. Take Action

Dig Deeper. When identities are punished, shamed and/or criminalized, it is common for people with those identities to hide elements of themselves or their entire selves to maintain safety. This can lead to a misperception that those people and/or those identities never existed. That’s why it’s important to share and celebrate the stories of people who are or have been marginalized for being who they are. The Asian Pride Project works to document and celebrate the unique stories of LGBTQ+ Asians and their families reminding people across multiple identities that intersectional narratives are real, valid and an integral part of our culture.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Get connected. Meeting new people that share similar experiences, identities or histories to you is one way to build a network of support around you and your needs. Through the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Lifeworks programs, you can get connected to other youth through weekly meetings, an adult mentor, or youth around the state at their annual Models of Pride Youth Conference.

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