Why Do So Many Asians Have Highlights In Movies?

1. Reflection Questions

Can you think of examples when you’ve seen the stereotypes presented in the video in media or art? 

In your opinion, what is the impact these stereotypes have on the way Asian American identity is understood in the United States? 


2. Take Action

Say Something. When you hear or see something that you know is untrue, biased and harmful stereotype, what do you do? It can sometimes be hard to know what to say in the moment, but it’s important that if you choose to say something that you feel comfortable, safe and prepared. Teen Talk is a resource that can help you think through how to respond to stereotypes and discrimination whether you’re experiencing it yourself or witnessing it among your friends and peers.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Speak it out. Expressing your experiences and opinions in a forum where you are seen and celebrated can be a powerful way to experience joy and connection. Get Lit is a non-profit organization that offers several programs for youth to express themselves through spoken word and poetry in a community that cultivates youth voices to thrive. 


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