Social Justice is linked to the idea of fairness and equality in society. This fairness applies to all aspects of individuals' lives, including their basic human rights and needs. Throughout our nation's history, groups of people have been discriminated against on the basis of skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, and religious beliefs.

The Explore Justice video series is an opportunity to challenge our own prejudices by educating ourselves on social justice topics and issues that many are still experiencing today. Each category's content is split into sections focused on history, the present, and Los Angeles. Alongside each video are reflection questions, next steps, and resources focused on building resilience.

We recommend starting with a grounding in the key concepts behind Social Justice, below, and then choosing a category to start your social justice journey.

Key Concepts: Social Justice

Martin Luther King and Malcom X

What is: Social Justice?

Step 1: Let's get started by understanding what we mean by Social Justice

Privilege & Oppression Cover

What is: Privilege & Oppression?

Step 2: In this section, we will learn more the basics and origins of privilege & oppression

Intersectionality Video Cover

What is: Intersectionality?

Step 3: Finally, dive into what "intersectionality" means and why it matters - then, move on to Racial Justice, Gender Justice, or Cultural Equity.

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