America is a Stolen Country

1. Reflection Questions

How are Native youth challenging historical stereotypes about their cultures? 

Whose point of view is highlighted in this video and why is it important? 

2. Take Action

Learn Locally. California is currently home to 109-111 tribal nations and there are fourteen federally recognized Native American tribes within the Greater Los Angeles County area alone. 

What more would you like to know about the Native communities originally from and/or currently where you live? Where could you go locally to get more of the history, stories and perspectives of Native folks locally?
You can start by checking out UCLA’s Mapping Indigenous LA website that connects digital storytelling and oral history from community leaders, youth and elders to honor the realities of indigenous communities throughout the city.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Mindfulness practice. Mindfulness and mediation practices are a diverse set of tools that can be adapted and adjusted to each person’s need and experience levels. While some practices include solely taking deep breaths and being aware of your body, others can involve longer meditation sessions or dialogues with other meditation practitioners.

Although mindfulness is not for everyone and doesn’t serve every moment equally, it can be a helpful tool to try out at least a few times. Teen Vogue tested 8 meditation apps that you can download and try out for free. 

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