After Decades of Brownface, South Asians fight for better representation

1. Reflection Questions

What role as mainstream media played in creating and strengthening stereotypes about South Asians? 

How have South Asians challenged the narrative about their identities, histories and cultures?


2. Take Action

Learn Locally. Stories, narratives and media that are created and directed by the diverse communities that they intend to portray are often more accurate, more representative and more nuanced in their approach. There are few places where Asian-Americans are given the opportunity to own their own stories and narratives. East West Players in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo is a theatre company that has been focused on Asian-American representation in the arts for over 50 years. Check out their lineup of upcoming shows and youth theatre programs on their website linked here.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Taking information breaks. Sometimes that amount of information in the world can be overwhelming, especially if it all feels like bad or hard news. If you start to feel overwhelmed by learning too much information too fast, take an information break! Take some time to talk with someone about what you’re learning without taking in any more information. You can also write your thoughts in a journal or check out this link for journal apps, online diaries and digital scrapbooks.

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