How Black High School Students are Hurt by Modern-Day Segregation

1. Reflection Questions

Whose point of view is highlighted in this video and why is it important? 

Which problems presented in this video feel familiar to something you’ve experienced or learned about before? 

2. Take Action

Know your rights. There have often been times in history where people with structural power try to deny, discourage, or threaten others for showing up and demanding their rights. 

Have you been in a situation where you wondered what your rights were as a student? As an immigrant? Or in an encounter with the police? Use the ACLU’s website to learn more about the rights that you have as a young person on and off-campus.  

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3. Healing + Resilience

Expression through Art. Art is a powerful form of self-expression that can help to release pent up stress, emotions or energy. It’s also an incredible vehicle for activism and community connection! A Window Between Worlds is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that believes in art transforming trauma and offers self-led workshops and resources to engage in the creative process. Find out more about how you can be a part of their workshops by following this link: A Window Between Worlds: Workshop Series.


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