Are you “Black” or “African American?”

1. Reflection Questions

How did the US Census serve as a foundation for defining racial categories and identities? 

What was one perspective shared in this video that you had not heard before? 

2. Take Action

Find community. Finding and building a community of like-minded people who are having the same lived experiences as yourself is important. We suggest connecting with a group like The Sad Girls Club, a non-profit organization founded to create community and diminish the stigma around mental health. They specifically support women of color and the millennial & GenZ population. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Celebrate yourself. You are defined by so much more than your racial or cultural identity and background. Furthermore, no one can name how you identify other than you! Take time to celebrate the unique strengths, talents, interests, and histories that you’re proud of. You can also write your thoughts in a journal or check out this link for journal apps, online diaries, and digital scrapbooks.

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