The History of Blackface

1. Reflection Questions

What is at least one lasting impact of minstrelsy that you’ve witnessed in your life? 

Why is challenging the use of “blackface” in all of its forms important to advancing racial justice today? 

2. Take Action

Say Something. Discrimination and bias are often grounded in deep levels of misinformation and stereotypes. When you hear or see someone spread rumors, lies, or hateful rhetoric about populations of people due to their real or perceived identities, what do you do? 

You can take a stand against hate in LA county by reporting incidents confidentially to 211 LA’s LA vs HATE campaign. Reports are confidential and are not associated with law enforcement agencies. Your community should be a safe place for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to thrive. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Mindfulness practice. Mindfulness and mediation practices are a diverse set of tools that can be adapted and adjusted to each person’s needs and experience levels. While some practices include solely taking deep breaths and being aware of your body, others can involve longer meditation sessions or dialogues with other meditation practitioners. Although mindfulness is not for everyone and doesn’t serve every moment equally, it can be a helpful tool to try out at least a few times. Teen Vogue tested 8 meditation apps that you can download and try out for free. 

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