Why Do We Call Asian Americans The Model Minority?

1. Reflection Questions

What is one way the model minority myth affects Americans who do not identify as Asian? What are some of the ways that the model minority myth affects Asian-Americans? 

What did you hear in this video that challenged, or affirmed a perspective you had before? 

2. Take Action

Spread Awareness. Many people unknowingly perpetuate the model myth minority without thinking about how it has impacted and still impacts Asian American communities in the United States. Misinformation can contribute to either forgetting about the past or reinforcing incorrect historical narratives that promote racism, classism, and numerous other forms of injustice. 

Are there opportunities for you to challenge the Model Minority myth in your family or social circles? How would you start that conversation or bring the topic up?

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3. Healing + Resilience

Support others. Taking time to support others in your immediate circles and community can help to create a sense of connection and alleviate loneliness. With friends or family, that could look like lending a listening ear or helping someone with a chore. You can also gather a group of friends or family members to join efforts and support your community at LAworks.com.

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