Why is Anti-Semitism Still Present in America?

1. Reflection Questions

What in this video challenged or affirmed something that you already knew? 

How does Anti-Semitism contribute to white-supremacist cultural ideology in the United States?

2. Take Action

Say Something. Discrimination and bias are often grounded in deep levels of misinformation and stereotypes. When you hear or see someone spread rumors, lies or hateful rhetoric about populations of people due to their real or perceived identities, what do you do? 

You can take a stand against hate in LA county by reporting incidents confidentially to 211 LA’s LA vs HATE campaign. Reports are confidential and are not associated with law enforcement agencies. Your community should be a safe place for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to thrive. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Move your body. Dance, exercise, sports, and all forms of body movement can be powerful ways to release pent up stress and emotion. Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation offers a variety of free and low-cost programs that you can sign up for in your local community. And if you want to move at home, YouTube is a great source of free movement tutorials for whatever exercise feels best for you.

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