La La Anthony Celebrates Afrolatinidad | Black, Latino and Proud

1. Reflection Questions

What were some major differences between how anti-blackness developed in the United States and in Latin American countries? 

Whose perspective is centered in this video?

Why is this perspective important? 

2. Take Action

Spread Awareness. Many people don’t know about or ignore the legacy of anti-blackness in other communities of color. Misinformation can contribute to either forgetting about the past or reinforcing incorrect ideas that promote racist ideas and histories. 

Is there one person in your family, community, or friend group that you could have a conversation with about the anti-blackness? How would you start that conversation or bring the topic up?  

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3. Healing + Resilience

Ground in Identity. Exploring the diverse aspects of one’s own identity can serve as a powerful foundation to self-awareness and well-being. When you know more about yourself, you can also create unexpected bridges to others around you. Are there any parts of your identity that you’re particularly proud of? What are some aspects of your identity that not many people know about? Write an identity poem to explore parts of yourself that you want to celebrate, question or learn more about. Check out some examples of poems about self and identity from famous poets to get inspired.

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