Housing Segregation and Redlining

1. Reflection Questions

What are the main points of this video? What evidence is provided to support these points? 

How does this video relate to current events? 

Why is what this video sharing significant? 

2. Take Action

Learn Locally. There are several organizations and resources throughout Los Angeles County that can provide housing support if you or someone you know has been impacted by housing discrimination, eviction or displacement. 211 LA is a free resource available to all Los Angeles County residents that you can rely on in times of need or crisis. Whether you have a need or not, having knowledge about the local resources available to your community can be an essential form or empowerment and advocacy. 


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3. Healing + Resilience

Support others. Taking time to support others in your immediate circles and community can help to create a sense of connection and alleviate loneliness. With friends or family, that could look like lending a listening ear or helping someone with a chore. You can also gather a group of friends or family members to join efforts and support your community at LAworks.com.


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