Queer and AAPI: Identity and Intersectionality

1. Reflection Questions

What is one thing that was shared by the speaker that you hadn’t heard or considered before watching the video? 

Why is it important to have positive role models with multiple marginalized identities represented in media and in your community?


2. Take Action

Dig Deeper. The stories of people who live with multiple marginalized identities can often be erased or overlooked. Taking time to learn the journey of folks who may or may not share identities with you can expand your knowledge, grow confidence and decrease feeling of loneliness. API Equality-LA’s Pioneers Documentary Project has collected the stories of 4 LGBTQ+ API folks in the Los Angeles area that can shed light on how the struggle for visibility has evolved until today.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Make Connections. Joining groups who have shared identity and commitment to social change and community impact can be a powerful way to build your own voice and learn from the wealth of experience of others. APIENC hosts several leadership development opportunities for youth who are committed to trans and racial justice all-year long. Find out more about the connection that works right for you at APIENC’s website linked here.

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