The US Medical System Is Still Haunted By Slavery

1. Reflection Questions

How does learning about this history make you feel? 

What about this video is surprising to you? 

Why is what is shared in this video particularly important today?

2. Take Action

Say Something. Discrimination and bias are often grounded in deep levels of misinformation and stereotypes. When you hear or see someone spread rumors, lies or hateful rhetoric about populations of people due to their real or perceived identities, what do you do? 

You can take a stand against hate in LA county by reporting incidents confidentially to 211 LA’s LA vs HATE campaign. Reports are confidential and are not associated with law enforcement agencies. Your community should be a safe place for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to thrive. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Taking information breaks. Sometimes that amount of information in the world can be overwhelming, especially if it all feels like bad or hard news. If you start to feel overwhelmed by learning too much information too fast, take an information break! Take some time to talk with someone about what you’re learning without taking in any more information. You can also write your thoughts in a journal or check out this link for journal apps, online diaries, and digital scrapbooks.

If you feel as though you would like professional support as a woman of color, we suggest looking for a therapist through Therapy for Black Girls. The stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy prevents Black women from taking the step of seeing a therapist. Therapy for Black Girls was developed to present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant.

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