What is Black Girl Magic?

1. Reflection Questions

Why are phrases, hashtags and movements like Black Girl Magic important for affirming black self-identified women and girls? 

How has uplifting your own identity been meaningful for you in your life? 

2. Take Action

Are you interested in continuing to explore stories that are centered around Black women? 
We suggest joining the Well-Read Black Girl club, which is an online community and in-real-life book club hosted nationwide. WRBG’s goal is to introduce a cohort of diverse writers to future generations – contemporary authors who are non-binary, queer, trans, and disabled. To address inequalities and improve communities through reading and reflecting on the works of Black women.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Celebrate yourself. You’re racial or ethnic identity, cultural and religious practices can be a great source of joy and pride for you. Take time to celebrate the parts of your identity that you’re proud of! You can write about the parts of your identity that you’re most proud of using any of these free journal apps, online diaries, and digital scrapbooks. 

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