What does Race have to do with COVID-19?

1. Reflection Questions

What questions does this video raise for you?

 How do the issues elevated in this video impact you, your family, or your community?

2. Take Action

Spread Awareness. Rumors, stereotypes, and discriminatory attitudes and behaviors are commonly rooted deeply in widespread misinformation. That’s why staying informed with accurate and timely information can sometimes be the best way to combat bias and injustice.
 If you need support getting accurate information about COVID-19 or finding resources for coping with the impact of COVID-19 in your community, please check out the Center for Disease Control resources for Teens and Youth.  

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3. Healing + Resilience

Taking information breaks. Sometimes that amount of information in the world can be overwhelming, especially if it all feels like bad or hard news. If you start to feel overwhelmed by learning too much information too fast, take an information break! Take some time to talk with someone about what you’re learning without taking in any more information. You can also write your thoughts in a journal or check out this link for journal apps, online diaries, and digital scrapbooks. 

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