When Voting Rights Didn’t Protect All Women

1. Reflection Questions

What is something you learned from this video that you wouldn’t have learned anywhere else? 

How do the issues highlighted in the video relate to issues today

2. Take Action

Dig deeper. The RISE UP L.A. Online exhibition at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum follows the road to the nineteenth amendment, including the legacy of women who continued to fight for suffrage after the amendment passed. Visit the exhibit to hear more unique stories about women’s suffrage, explore issues that divided women, and dig deeper into the century of women’s activism. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Speak it out. Expressing your experiences and opinions in a forum where you are seen and celebrated can be a powerful way to experience joy and connection. Get Lit is a non-profit organization that offers several programs for youth to express themselves through spoken word and poetry in a community that cultivates youth voices to thrive.

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