Why so Many Cambodians Own Donut Shops

1. Reflection Questions

What information in the video was new to you? Are there any parts of this story that you heard about before? 

Why is it important to understand the unique histories of the several cultural groups that live and work in your own geographic neighborhood? How does knowing their story change or impact the way you relate to others? 


2. Take Action

Get Involved. Local connections and personal relationships are very important to making sure that people and families have access to what they need to survive. They’re also critical to learning about the issues that are most important to your community and creating solutions that address those issue.  Khmer Girls in Action is a youth-centered organization that focuses on empowering Southeast Asian young women to become relevant social justice organizers that respond to what their communities need. You can find out more about the campaigns, programs and events that you can get involved in to build stronger Southeast Asian communities on their website linked here!


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3. Healing + Resilience

Set goals. There are so many ways to get involved in issues that matter to you and sometimes looking at all of them can be overwhelming. Getting into a practice of setting clear and realistic goals can help you to navigate a dream, goal or action that seems daunting at first sight. Here’s a beginner’s guide to setting goals from Powerful Youth, a global leadership training program.  


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