211's Public Safety Power Shut Off Program

Sep. 30, 2022
211 Staff standing in front of Yellow Southern California Edison Truck at Community Safety Fair

Written by: Gilbert Zavala

What is a PSPS event? A Public Safety Power Shutoff, or PSPS, is a planned power outage to protect public safety and prevent major wildfires during severe weather.

211 LA's role in the Public Safety Power Shut Off (PSPS) program is to assist Southern California Edison (SCE) customers with access to functional needs and who require the regular use of electrically-powered medical equipment or other qualifying medical devices with preparing a safety plan before a power outage event occurs. 

A Public Safety Power Shutoff is a planned power outage to protect public safety and prevent significant wildfires during severe weather. Callers are connected to this program service through the 2-1-1 information hotline, and once connected, 211 LA will provide care coordination services before, during, and after the PSPS event. 

Additionally, 211 LA provides case management and application assistance to IOU programs like Medical Baseline, Critical Care Backup Battery, and discount programs, e.g., CARE/FERA. 

The Medical Baseline Program is an assistance program for a residential customer who depends on power for specific medical needs. Customers must meet the eligibility of requiring the regular use of qualifying medical devices, have a qualifying medical condition, and have a life-threatening illness requiring heating/cooling.

To determine if you are eligible for this program, please dial 2-1-1.

Image with Woman Wearing Oxygen Mask with Text that Reads - Are you and your loved ones prepared for a potential public power safety shut off

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