Ensuring Safety in Times of Crisis: 211 LA PSPS Care Coordination

May. 31, 2024
Man in Wheel Chair and Caregiver

Disasters can occur anytime, but some disasters can be prevented with enough planning and preparation. In a recent case handled by 211 LA's care coordination team, a client named Nicky found themselves in a challenging situation.

Nicky connected to 211 LA through our Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program and received care coordination thanks to the dedicated efforts of our care coordination team. Nicky was in a state of distress after being informed about two upcoming maintenance outages. Their mother, recently released from the ICU, relies on various medical devices and requires 24/7 care, including a feeding tube, a pressure wound device, an electronic medical bed, an oxygen tank, constant air conditioning, and a suction device.

Nicky was unable to locate any generators or backup batteries and was extremely worried as the outage was less than two days away. Due to their mother's medical needs, relocating was not an option.

With limited time, Nicky was assisted through our PSPS care coordination and connected with a nearby living center. The assistance resulted in Nicky receiving two permanent batteries the day before the scheduled outage. They were provided training on using these batteries and informed about the possibility of a third battery due to the extensive medical equipment in their home.

During regular check-ins with the care coordination team, Nicky confirmed that they had applied for the CARE and Medical Baseline Program through Southern California Edison. They were also given the online application for the Energy Assistance Program. Once enrolled in the Medical Baseline Program, Nicky will be eligible to apply for the Critical Care Backup Battery Program, which could provide them with a free portable backup battery, which is especially important as they live in a high-fire-risk area.

Nicky expressed immense gratitude for the prompt and effective assistance provided. They remarked that they had never received such swift help and were thankful for contacting 211 and connecting with the PSPS program. Our efforts ensured the safety of their mother during the upcoming and future outages, bringing peace of mind to Nicky and their family.

Note: Names have been altered to protect the identity of our clients.

About Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS Program):

Through a collaborative partnership, the California 211 Network, PG&E, and SCE support customers with Access and Functional Needs, such as disabilities, limited transportation, or other needs for assistance, who reside in high-fire-risk areas by connecting them to resources, programs, and local support systems. Are you interested in learning more? Dial 2-1-1 and speak to an agent today. 


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