The Bamboo Ceiling, Defined

1. Reflection Questions

How does the “Bamboo Ceiling” impact people across different cultural groups? 

Why is it important to understand the model minority myth? How has that myth impacted communities who are unrepresented?


2. Take Action

Get Savvy. When diverse people and perspectives are kept out of an entire industry, the entire industry misses out on valuable contributions that can make their work more inclusive and suitable for all.  In the tech industry, there are several opportunities for women and folks from under-represented communities to learn the skills they need to make an impact in a field that continues to play an integral role in the world. Learn to Code With Me is a podcast that highlights these opportunities and created a resource bank of places for women to learn to code across the globe. Check it out here.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Get support. No matter how many self-care practices you have, sometimes you just need to release your feelings and emotions with someone who can hold them professionally and confidentially. 211 LA is the source that you can use to find mental health and counseling services that best serve your needs or income levels.  You can also listen to the stories of how others in the AAPI community have addressed mental health on the podcast Mental Health Mukbang.

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