Gender Justice in Los Angeles

1. Reflection Questions

What does gender justice mean to you? 

How are gender justice and racial justice interconnected for you and in your life? 

2. Take Action

Dig Deeper. Several cultures throughout the world have a history of recognizing and celebrating more than two genders in their societies and communities. But in the US the experiences of gender-diverse people are often hidden or pushed aside. Taking time to learn more about the stories of folks in these communities can teach you a lot about how to support an environment where folks from multiple gender identities are valued and celebrated. To learn more about gender diversity check out resources from Trans Student Educational Resources, a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming schools and educational communities for trans and gender non-conforming students

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3. Healing + Resilience

Make connections. Finding a community to learn with is a great way to build your skills as a community leader and meet others with who you are invested in building a more just future with you. The Advocates for Youth Young Womxn of Color for Reproductive Justice Leadership Council is a group of young womxn of color activists who are working to advance reproductive justice issues in their local communities. To get involved in the Collective, visit their website and find the next application window! 

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