The Largest Lynching In US History

1. Reflection Questions

What elements of the Chinese Massacre are similar to other historical lynchings you’ve learned about in the past? 

How does learning about this history impact the way that you understand Los Angeles? What is the impact of not knowing this history? 



2. Take Action

Learn Locally. Though many people don’t know about the history of several historical and cultural sites throughout Los Angeles, there are several arts and culture organizations that are working hard to uplift these important histories. What are the neighborhoods in LA that you want to learn more about? 

You can start by checking out the Chinese American Museum in the heart of Chinatown, where you can learn about the long history of Chinese American Communities in Los Angeles in their permanent exhibit or browse the virtual exhibits that change monthly.  


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3. Healing + Resilience

Get support. No matter how many self-care practices you have, sometimes you just need to release your feelings and emotions with someone who can hold them professionally and confidentially. 211 LA is source that you can use to find mental health and counseling services that best serve your needs or income levels.  You can also listen to the stories of how others in the AAPI community have addressed mental health on the podcast Mental Health Mukbang.

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