Los Angeles Women’s March 2019

1. Reflection Questions

Did you hear something in the video that resonated with you? 

What’s something that was shared in the video that is different than what you previously knew about the Women’s March? 

2. Take Action

Build Coalitions. There are often multiple groups of people that are impacted by unfair policy, action or dominant groups. Joining with other people or groups that experience negative experiences or outcomes can help strengthen the power of a movement and build meaningful relationships between diverse community members. 

The Future Coalition is a national network of youth activists that fosters community and collaboration among youth leaders and youth-led organizations. Check out the resources and skill-building opportunities they provide to help be a part of the coalitions that matter most to you. If you’d like to get involved in LA County, check out The Women’s March LA chapter for upcoming events. 

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3. Healing + Resilience

Set goals. There are so many ways to get involved in issues that matter to you and sometimes looking at all of them can be overwhelming. Getting into the practice of setting clear and realistic goals can help you to navigate a dream, goal, or action that seems daunting at first sight. Here’s a beginner’s guide to setting goals from Khan Academy a global leadership training program. 

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