The Secret History of Muslims in the U.S.

1. Reflection Questions

What is something that you learned in this video that you have not learned anywhere else? 

Why is it important to know the history of Muslims in the United States? 

2. Take Action

Dig Deeper. Although Muslim communities have been an influential part of the U.S. culture, Islamophobia and violence against Muslim communities are dangerous and pervasive. Learn more about critical issues impacting Muslim American communities in Los Angeles through the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a non-profit, grassroots civil rights advocacy organization committed to promoting justice and empowering American Muslims.

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3. Healing + Resilience

Get Together. Whether you’re learning about this for the first time or you’ve already known about this history, it’s important to not learn it all alone. When big questions or emotions come up, talk about what you’re feeling with friends, family or teachers. It’s important to share new information you learn about yourself and the communities you’re a part of with people you can trust. 

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