Voter Suppression

1. Reflection Questions

What in this video is new information for you? 

What issues or topics do you care most about voting for?


2. Take Action

Know your rights. There have often been times in history where people with structural power try to deny, discourage or threaten others for showing up and demanding their rights. Have you been in a situation where you wondered what your rights were as a student? As an immigrant? Or in an encounter with police? Use the ACLU’s website to learn more about the rights that you have as a young person on and off campus

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3. Healing + Resilience

Make connections. Finding a community to learn with is a great way to build your skills as a community leader and meet others who you are invested in building a more just future with you. The ACLU Southern California’s Youth Liberty Squad is a youth leadership program that works with students to learn about and address civil rights issues that affect their communities through advocacy. 

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