211 LA Care Coordination Success Story: Mother and Daughter Grateful for 211 LA Services

May. 04, 2022
Mother Daughter Sunset

By Staff Writer

This month we would like to share a success story from our Early Childhood Care Coordination Program that highlights the diligent work of our Care Coordinators on behalf of clients in need. (Story below) 

211 STORY - Mrs. N was connected to 211 LA's Early Childhood Care Coordination Program through a referral from a social worker at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. 

Once connected to 211 LA, Mrs. N was assigned to Program Manager and Care Coordination Specialist, Irene. 

Irene assessed the family's needs and assisted in completing an application for enrollment in an Early Head Start Education Program for her daughter Nancy. 

At 211 LA, our care coordination services go beyond a conversation screening with clients; our Care Coordinators provide each family with evidence-based developmental screenings to assess any developmental concerns and provide a comprehensive list of resources curated for the household's specific needs. Additionally, once screening is complete, the Care Coordinators determine a course of action for each family. 

In the case of Mrs. N and her daughter, they were referred for an assessment with a local regional center regarding concerns for her child's speech development. 

Throughout this process, Irene provided continuous advocacy and follow-up with partner organizations on behalf of Mrs. N to ensure referrals successfully moved forward. 

Finally, after a few weeks of continued support from 211 LA, Mrs. N and her family received the much-needed services from both referrals (Early Head Start and the Regional Center).

Mrs. N stated, "I am very happy and grateful that 211 LA could provide help to my family."  

Although this case is now closed, 211 LA continues to check in on Mrs. N and Nancy, who are both doing well, from time to time to ensure they have access to the services and resources needed for their family.


Early Childhood Care Coordination Program

About the Program:  211 LA, in partnership with DCFS, provides Care Coordination, Information & Referral and addresses social determinants of health by focusing on DCFS client needs related to Early Childhood Education, Identification of Developmental Disabilities, Prevention, Regional Center, Early Childhood Mental Health, Advocacy, housing and shelter, food security, economic stability, and other needed social supports. 

These efforts are driven by a Community Information Exchange approach led by 211 LA that includes forging cross-sector network partnerships, building network capacity, and providing a shared technology platform, resource database, and bi-directional referrals.


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